Reflecting upon the successful launch of MyECF and the increased speeds in the production of automated documentation order acknowledgements, invoices etc, ECF's Trading With ECF Statement has been updated.
ECF announces a number of product specification changes and discontinuations. See DETAILS for more information.
ECF announces price increases from January 1st 2019 for BLUM products, GOSCOTE Doors, PHOENIX Doors, HOXTON Doors and BARNSDALE Fenwick Doors, see DETAILS for more information.
ECF will close for the Christmas holidays from Thursday 20th December and re-open on Thursday 3rd January 2019 8.00am. MyECF last order date is Thursday 13th December at 3:00 PM. See DETAILS for further information.
ECF announces today the next release of the exciting MyECF platform for trade credit customers. This new MyECF release allows Customers' to view and order ECF Products at their ECF net pricing - on any platform (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc) at any time.
Trading With ECF -20 September 2018
ECF publishes a new "Trading with ECF" statement in readiness for the exciting launch of new products, new service extensions and electronic trading.
ECF announces phase one of the much anticipated launch of MyECF which allows for the searching and browsing of the directory of ECF Products on any platform (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc) without the need for a Password.
ECF provides an exciting portfolio on Marketing Materials to help customers sell to their clients.
ECF New Contact Points -27 August 2018
Reflecting on the launch of MyECF and continued investment in customer services ECF streamlines customer contact points.
ECF appoints DPD to provide advanced carrier services for its components business.